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WNHS Football Mom's Club

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What is the Mom's Club and what do we do?

As a group, we provide motivational support to our Northstar team!

Our main purpose is to encourage our sons to do their best on and off the field, by inspiring them to reach for their goals and increasing team spirit!

Each Northstar Football Mom brings her time, energy, talents and positive attitude to the Club. While we work side by side, we remember to have fun, laugh and support each other as we all contribute great things to build our Northstar football program.

To offset the cost of needed items throughout the season and to upgrade our equipment, gear, etc. we have created a unique sponsor program for companies to provide donations and in return receive promotion for their business as a special Northstar Sponsor. (See attached Sponsor Proposal)

Our goal and efforts are to use any donations collected from sponsors or parents, to support our weekly team dinners, provide to properly outfit our team, additional supplies (footballs, helmet guards, cones, etc) beyond what the school can fund for this purpose.

We strive to improve the teaching tools and training devices available and also allow coaches and players to attend football training camps to improve performance and strengthen the skills in our program. We also provide for the end of the year banquet.

Our "events" are held for another important reason-to create opportunities for extra family fun throughout the season to bond with our kids and coaches off the field and get to know each other as one Northstar family. It is our intention to plan a variety of events so all parents feel welcome to participate at any level, any interest.

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