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The Coaches

Head Coach, Inside LB/Defensive Line coach: Vincent Sciano

Current Job: Math and AVID teacher at North High School

College/major: UW-Oshkosh Secondary Education

College Sports/coaching: Played Defensive End for 4 years. Coached D-line for 4 years

High School Sports: Football, Wrestling, Baseball at Greendale high school

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Smoking meats

Family: Married to Lindsey Sciano and have 2 dogs (Luna and Stella)

Random Fact: Lost Stella for 6 days in the up-north woods (great story, ask me about it)

Interesting Fact: I have a youtube video that has 140k+ views

Coaching belief: It is my goal for this program to teach leadership, character development, and build a team the community can be proud of both on and off the field.

Varsity Offensive Coordinator & QB Coach: Dominic Freres

Current Job: Math teacher at Golda Meir School

College/major: UW-Milwaukee, Secondary Education

High School Sports: Football, baseball, track at Brookfield East High School

Hobbies: Biking, working out/lifting, studying football

Random Fact: People think I'm ambidextrous because I perform certain tasks with my left hand and others with my right. The truth is I can only do each with one hand, not both.

Interesting Fact: I trained my cat to jump up and turn off my bedroom light when he wants treats and I have video to prove it

Coaching belief:  It is my goal to instill hard work, confidence, and leadership into my QBs and the rest of the offensive players.

Varsity RB and JV Offensive Coordinator:  Mike Baumann

Current Job: Special Education at North High School

College/major: Lawrence University -History, Education; UWM (currently) pursuing a master's degree in Education Leadership/Administration

College Sports/coaching: Lawrence University Football (4 years), Lawrence University Baseball (1 year), Varsity & JV OL/DL coach at Appleton North High School (2010-2016), JV Baseball Assistant Appleton North (2012-2014)

High School Sports: Football and Baseball at Appleton North High School

Hobbies: Skiing, Powerlifting, Traveling

Family: Married to Pasamon Baumann with 1 cat (Fruitloop)

Random Fact: I am adopted and raised as an only child.  Only to find out, at the age of 19, that my biological parents are married and I have three siblings who I talk to regularly now.

Interesting Fact:  I lived in Thailand for over a year as a member of the Peace Corps- this was my first time out of the country at 28.

Coaching belief:Each day is a new day to get better.  I am nothing without the players and it is my job to put them in the best place to succeed-- becoming great football players but even better men.

Varsity Defensive Coordinator/Safties Coach:  Zach Wettengel

Current Job: Physical Education Teacher at Waukesha North High School

College/major: UW-Oshkosh

College Sports/Coaching: Played Safety for 4 years. Coached Safeties for 2 years

High School Sports: Football, Track at Appleton West High School

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Golf

Favorite Football Teams: Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers

Coaching belief:  I Believe in building leaders while instilling championship habits in my players

Wide Receivers: Tamrick Atwood

Current Job: Physical Education Teacher at Butler Middle School

College/major: Winona State University: Exercise Science

Mississippi State University: Masters in Secondary Education

College Sports/coaching: Played Wide Receiver/Cornerback for Winona State University from 2011-2015. This will be my 4th season coaching Wide Receivers at the Varsity Level.

High School Sports: Football, Basketball, and Track at Bettendorf High School

Hobbies: Exercise/Physical Activity, Playing sports, Spending quality time with family and friends!

Family:  I am getting married to my beautiful fiancé, Taylor, in September and we have a dog named Witten (Go Cowboys!).

Random Fact:

I went camping for the first time in my life last summer (It wasn’t that bad.. actually kind of fun!) (2): One of the houses that I lived in with my football teammates in college started on fire and burnt down

Interesting Fact:  I broke my ankle/leg in 3 places during a college football game and had surgery and three years later I had two herniated disks and had to have back surgery.

Coaching belief: I have a true passion and love for teaching and coaching. My goal is to be the best teacher, coach, mentor, and influence that I can be to the students and student-athletes that I have the privilege of serving and working with. I want to help the young men that are a part of our program to be as successful as they can be on the field, academically, and to help them learn, grow, and develop as high character young men and to be successful in all aspects of life as best I can. I am truly grateful and beyond excited to be a part of the Waukesha North Football Program! Go Northstars!

Wide Receivers: Jacob Grant

Current Job: Sales Specialist at Cintas

College/major: UW-Oshkosh/ Journalism

College Sports/Coaching: Played Receiver at UWO for 5 years. Coached receivers for 1 year after that

High School Sports: Football, Baseball at Rolling Meadows High School

Hobbies: Boating, playing sports, video games

Family: Girlfriend Ashley and soon to be our new pup Rizzo

Random Fact: Baseball is actually my favorite sport but I was better at football so I chose that route.

Coaching belief:   Be able to be a great leader and teacher on the field, but more importantly off the field. Be someone who can set an example for the kids to become better men in the game of life.

JV Head Coach / Varsity OL Coach:  Chris Chudada

Current Job: Self-Employed

College Sports/coaching: 3 decades of experience at a wide variety of levels, 10th season on the varsity H.S. level

Hobbies: Avid History Buff

Family:   Married to Julie Chudada and have 3 Children (Joseph, Brianna, and Kaylee)

Random Fact:


Interesting Fact: Inducted into three different National Minor League Football Hall of Fames.

Coaching belief: To create an atmosphere of pride and to teach each player the importance of attitude, confidence, character, knowledge, goal setting, and how these factors apply to life as well as football.

JV Defensive Coordinator: Nico Miselem

Current Job: FedEx delivery driver

College/major: UW-Platteville/UW-Milwaukee Music composition

College Sports/coaching: 6 years of Semi-pro football

High School Sports: Football, Powerlifting, Track at Greendale high school

Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, fishing, writing/playing music

Family:  3 nieces and a nephew and 2 awesome dogs Harley and Lambeau

Random Fact: My father was a professional musician in Mexico before meeting my mother and moving to the United States.

Interesting Fact:  I am currently pursuing my dual-citizenship (Mexican/American) and can speak almost fluent Spanish.

Coaching belief: The foundation for a good team is character. When the players have the same ideals and goals as the program, they will form a cohesive unit that, with the proper coaching, can lead to great things.

Wide Receivers: Max Taylor

Current Job: Sales- Verizon Wireless

College/major: UW-Oshkosh (Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice)

College Sports/Coaching: New Mexico Highlands University

College Sports/coaching: Played Wide Receiver for 4 years. Coached 8th grade Waukesha North 2019.

High School Sports:Football, Basketball, and Track at Arroyo Valley High School in San Bernardino, CA.

Hobbies: Golf, Photography and Xbox.

Family:Married to Andrea Taylor and have three kids (Paxton, Amiya and Maleah)

Coaching belief:   My goal is to help this program grow as well as these young men into great people within the school and community. Also teach leadership, character development and memories they can enjoy for a lifetime

Outside Linebackers: Dallis Deleon

Current Job: Trader at Complete Recycling Services

College/major: UW-Oshkosh Biology with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration

College Sports/coaching: Played Inside/Outside LB for 6 years. Coached LB's and Special Teams Coordinator at Ozaukee High School for 3 years

High School Sports: Football and Basketball at Waukesha West high school

Hobbies: Fishing, Golf, and Helping family with household projects

Family: Large family predominantly in the Waukesha area (my mom is a North Alum)

Random Fact:

I have an obsession with pens.

Interesting Fact:  I have a sister named Vegas. (My mom wanted us to stand out I guess...)

Coaching belief: The game of football surrounded me with people of influence on and off the field. It helped form me into the person I am today and many of the lessons I have learned were from my coaches. My goal is not only to give back to this program but do my best to make the players the best men they can be.

Freshman Head coach: Jason Petrillo

Current Job: Special Education teacher at North.

College/major: UW-Milwaukee with a major in Exceptional Education and an area of focus in American Sign Language.

College Sports/Coaching: Rugby at UW-Milwaukee ~ 4 years. 1st year coaching baseball and football at North.

High School Sports: Football and Baseball.

Hobbies: Fishing, working out, playing rugby.

Interesting Fact:  I have a black belt in Tae Know Do (From 1st grade to 8th grade I was in classes 3 days a week) 

Coaching belief: I want to coach players to become more successful on the field and in the classroom by putting an emphasis on skills such as leadership and teamwork.

Cornerbacks: Kyle Heller

Current Job: Aerospace and Defense Software, Founder nuTenant

College/major: UW-Oshkosh Communications

College Sports/Coaching: Played Corner for 4 years, Coached DB's or LB's for 8 years.

High School Sports: Sports: Football, Track & Field

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Sports in general.

Family: Engaged to Larissa Dallman and have 1 dog (Champ)

Random Fact: Changed majors 4 times in college before settling on communications my junior year.

Interesting Fact:  Been at 3 technology startups since graduating in 2014 including starting my own this year.

Coaching belief: As the defensive backs coach my players need to have a thick skin and a level headed playing mentality. I strive to teach these qualities not only because of the pressure of the position (Playing alone on an island) but because it's so important to success in life after high school/college

Special Teams: Sam Rohr
Freshman Offensive Coordinator: Josh Nelson
Freshman Defensive Coordinator: Sam Oriartti
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